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MagicDraw 19.0 LTR SP3 Documentation

Be cautious with MagicDraw autoupdate.

We do not recommend using autoupdate, as you may need a previous MagicDraw version installation for migrating your projects to UML 2.

MagicDraw is able to convert UML 1.4 to UML 2, but some mapping problems may appear. Previous MagicDraw version should be used for solving these problems before conversion. For more details about mapping solutions, see Problems and solutions of data mapping.

We recommend downloading the MagicDraw installation manually and installing it into a new location (not the location suggested by default).

If you have read this document carefully and you think you will not have problems in all your projects with elements migration, you may use the autoupdate function.

Autoupdate for the MagicDraw Teamwork Server is disabled.

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