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MagicDraw 19.0 LTR SP3 Documentation

Unlike previous MagicDraw versions (which were based on UML 1.4), MagicDraw is based on the UML 2 metamodel. One of the biggest issues with UML 2 is that it is not backward compatible with UML 1.4. UML 2 also defines new model element types and introduces new properties. Some elements and properties were removed.

Projects based on UML 1.4 must converted to UML 2 to work with MagicDraw. The project load mechanism in MagicDraw will automatically detect UML 1.4 projects andconvert it to UML 2.

We strongly recommend backing up all projects before conversion.

We also do not recommend migrating to UML 2 in the middle of an intensive project.

You will not be able to open the converted project in previous MagicDraw versions. Only native MagicDraw files with UML 1.4 models can be loaded correctly into MagicDraw. We recommend that you load third-party XMI files with UML 1.4 into a previous MagicDraw version (up to 9.5) first, then save into a native MagicDraw XML file and try to open it (migrate to UML 2) using MagicDraw.

As of version 18.1, a module is referred as a used project. The keywords "used project" and "project usage" replace the keyword "module" everywhere in MagicDraw UI.

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