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MagicDraw 19.0 LTR SP3 Documentation

You can select automatic marking of problematic elements during the conversion process.

All recognized data mapping or other migration problems will be marked by adding a ToDo tagged value with the problem description into the problematic element.

To trace marked elements

First, try to avoid the cases described previously.

If data loss cannot be avoided, all problems, conflicts, and data loss occurrences are registered to the model element's ToDo tags on project load:

  1. Load your project. The warning message appears.
  2. Click Yes. Warnings are displayed in ToDo tags.
  3. Double-click the element or, from the shortcut menu, choose Specification. Information about changes is added to the ToDo field in the General tab.
Use the Find ToDo feature to search for elements containing ToDo information. From the Tools main menu, choose Find ToDo.
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