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The Inheritance tab represents classifiers, packages, data types, and stereotypes hierarchy within your project. Inheritance according to the UML Specification is shown using the generalization relationship.

If a model element has no generalization relationship, it will not be represented in the Inheritance tab.

Inheritance tab

To open the Inheritance tab, do one of the following

  • At the top of the Model Browser, click the Inheritance tab.
  • If the Inheritance tab is hidden, from the Window menu, select Inheritance.

You can change some Inheritance tab properties in the Environment Options dialog the Browser options group.

The Inheritance tab consists of the following two components:

  • Inheritance tab toolbar
  • Inheritance tree

Inheritance tab toolbar

The Inheritance tab toolbar contains the following buttons


Tooltip text


Collapse All

Collapse all of the currently elements in the Containment tree.

Collapse Selected Recursively

Collapses only selected node and all subnodes in that node.


Opens the Favorites menu for choosing to do one of the following:

  • Add a selected element to favorites
  • Open the dialog for managing favorites 
  • Navigate to a desired favorite in the Containment tree

Quick Find

Opens the Quick Find dialog.


Click to open the Options menu and then select:

  • Show Applied Stereotypes - shows or hides the applied
    stereotypes next to the element name in the Containment tree.
  • Show Only Hierarchies - at the top of the hierarchy
    shows the parent element.
  • Invert Tree - Inverts the tree hierarchy - shows the child
    element at the top of the hierarchy

The same actions you may perform using the shortcut menu of the Inheritance tree.

Working with model elements in the Inheritance tree

You can work with elements in the Inheritance tree using the commands available from the selected element's shortcut menu. The shortcut menu contains the following commands:



New Specific Classifier

Creates a new element that is connected with the
current element with the generalization relationship.

Select in Containment

Opens the Containment tab and selects the
current element in the Containment tree.

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