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The Web Publisher 2.0 report consists of four panels:

  1. Containment panel - This panel contains two tabs: Containment and Diagrams. The Containment tab shows data of a project in a tree structure, and the Diagrams tab shows all diagrams in a project.
  2. Quick properties panels - This panel contains two tabs: Documentation and Properties. The Documentation tab shows documentation, and the Properties tab displays properties of the selected element in a diagram or from the Containment tab.

  3. Content panel - This panel shows an element's content.
  4. Search panel - This panel contains a Quick Search box. You can search for an element in a project by either typing in a specific keyword or by using a regular expression as a keyword.

Web Publisher 2.0.

The Containment tab.

The Diagrams tab.

The Documentation Tab.

The Properties Tab.

The Content panel of Web Publisher contains three tabs: Diagram, Specification, and Appears in. You can click any element in the Containment tree of Web Publisher to open three tabs.

  • The Diagram tab shows diagram images.
  • The Specification tab shows elements specification.
  • The Appears in tab shows you all diagrams in which a particular element is present. You need to select the element in the Containment tree to open the Appears in tab.
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The Appears in Tab of Contents Panel
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