Magic Model Analyst

Released on: November 18, 2022

Magic Model Analyst 2022x Refresh1 introduces a number of server-side simulation functionality improvements, such as a task manager for managing all currently running simulations, the ability to run server-side simulations from the Resources application, live Time Series Charts, and others. In addition, the Watch pane has been improved to allow adding runtime values directly from Internal Block Definition and Parametric Diagrams and editing them.

Server-Side Simulation Improvements

Magic Model Analyst 2022x Refresh1 brings multiple improvements to the server-side simulation capability released in the previous version of the product.

Simulation Task Manager

Now you can conveniently view and manage all server-side simulations in the Task Manager. The Task Manager not only provides the information about all currently running and queued simulations but also allows you to terminate them and open the simulation UI window.

Simulation Task Manager.

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Running simulations via the Resources application

Magic Model Analyst 2022x Refresh1 introduces a new way of simulating your models on the web. In addition to using REST API, a Python client, or Cameo Collaborator for Teamwork Cloud, you can now run server-side simulations via the Resources web application user interface as well. If a model has a Simulation Configuration and the specified UI, you will be able to run the simulation right from the resource's menu, and the UI window will open once the simulation is started.

Running simulation via the Resources web application UI.

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Live Time Series Charts

From version 2022x Refresh1, server-side simulation supports live Time Series Charts. Once you start the simulation and the UI window opens, you can view the Time Series plot being updated in real-time as shown below.

Live Time Series Chart.

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  • When you simulate a model with a UI mockup or Time Series chart, the UI window that opens during model execution now has a Control panel allowing you to start, pause, resume, or terminate the simulation.

  • Now the Timeline and Time Series Chart data can be exported to the HTML/CSV format and stored in the Documentation property of the result Instance Specification.
  • Teamwork Cloud has a new Simulation Manager role which allows you to get and review simulation results as well as terminate the simulations executed by other users.

Enhanced Watch Pane

The Watch pane has been improved to allow adding runtime values directly from Internal Block and Parametric Diagrams. In addition, you can now edit the values added to the Watch pane and see how the simulation results change accordingly.

Adding runtime values to the Watch pane directly from an Internal Block Diagram.

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