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Methodology Wizard Plugin 19.0 LTR SP4 Documentation

Report tab is dedicated to adding, editing, or deleting a hyperlink that instantly opens the Select Location dialog by clicking the hyperlink in the text or by double clicking an element or diagram. The Select Location dialog allows you to generate and save a selected report template of selected scope to your computer.

An example of specified options in the Report tab.

The table below describes the boxes and buttons found in the Report tab.

Text to display box

Shows the text that will be displayed as a hyperlink. If you select the text before opening this dialog, you will see that text in this box. If you change the displayed text in this box, it will be changed in the HTML text field, too. If this field is empty, you can type a text and it will be added in the HTML text.

It is available only when adding a hyperlink in text.

Select scope for report box

Displays the element kind and name selected as the scope.

Opens the the Select scope for report dialog where you can specify the report creation scope.
Select Report Template drop-down boxAllows you to select the same report templates as in the Report Wizard dialog.
Select from the list boxDisplays all previously used references consisting of the selected scope and report template. You can select them to fill in the Select scope for report box.
The Clear buttonDeletes all previously used references from the Select from the list box.
The Active check box

Activates the hyperlink if selected.

It is available only when adding hyperlink on an element or entire diagram.

Active check box rule

Only one hyperlink can be active. By default the last added hyperlink is active.

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