Released on: June 29, 2016


Usability improvements
  • Right clicking on one or more elements now offers a new menu option to display or hide IRIs. (Note that this is a temporary work-around for a more-general feature for determining which tagged values to show. Currently, all tagged values except IRIs will show.)
  • A project option now enables specification of a preferred annotation property for comments and annotations missing an annotationProperty tagged value, including those used for the documentation panel.
  • Setting a preferred annotation property automatically makes comments and annotations that use it appear in the documentation panel.
OWL import improvements
  • Support has been added for the following previously unsupported OWL elements:
    • property chains.
    • equivalent classes.
    • equivalent properties.
OWL export improvements
  • Exporting an existential constraint with min cardinality greater than 1 is now optimized to no longer create an OWL someValuesFrom value constraint.
  • A new option for to prompt for file destination has been added, "Always prompt for a file destination when exporting OWL"
    • If set, exporting a concept model to OWL now remembers the file export path for subsequent exports.
    • If unset, exporting a concept model to OWL uses any previous file export paths for subsequent exports.
Natural Language Glossary
  • Setting a "preferred annotation property" automatically makes comments and annotations owned by the annotated element. For each element, the numerical first of these "owned comments" will replace the documentation field for that element.
Bug fixes 
  • The Create Concept Model menu command now creates a Concept Model under the selected package.

  • An issue was fixed which prevented the same property from being dragged and dropped twice into one sub-property chain.
  • OWL export no longer fails when a class name contains leading or trailing whitespace.
  • Ontology IRI terminating fragment separator, if present, is no longer ignored when importing an ontology.
  • The Natural Language Glossary now consistently lists the allowed values of an enumeration.
  • A «Subproperty Chain» or «Equivalent Property» stereotype, no longer displays on an active diagram after creation in the specification window.
  • Documentation attached to annotation property is no longer ignored when exporting a concept model to OWL.

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