SysML Plugin 19.0 LTR Documentation

The right organization of your diagrams in the model ensures you a model consistency, re-usability of needed views, quick navigation in the model. In the following sections you can learn about:

SysML diagram taxonomy

The figure below shows the SysML diagram taxonomy (see the figure below) which reflects how the SysML diagrams are organized. You can use nine kind of SysML diagrams when modeling:

The relationship between SysML diagrams is Generalization. It means that:

  • Activity, Sequence, State Machine, and Use Case diagrams are a types of behavior diagrams. 
  • Block Definition, Internal Block, and Package diagrams are a types of structure diagrams.
  • Parametric diagrams are a type of Internal Block diagrams.
  • Requirement diagram are a category by themselves. 

SysML diagrams taxonomy

SysML diagram taxonomy.

Diagram owners

The owner that a diagram can represent depends on the diagram kind you're creating. All SysML diagrams and their available owners are listed in the following table.

Behavior diagram must have a context which is always a behavior which owns this diagram.

Find diagrams in your project

You can find all diagrams of your model by using the Diagrams tab in the Model Browser. How to open and use this tab is described in the Diagrams tab page.

Working with diagrams

All basic procedures of working with SysML diagrams are in the following pages:

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