SysML Plugin 19.0 LTR Documentation

Requirement Diagram is particularly valuable when you want to demonstrate the traceability from the requirements to the elements in your system model that are dependent on them. This diagram provides modeling constructs to represent text-based requirements and relate them to other modeling elements. These requirement modeling constructs are intended to provide a bridge between traditional requirement management tools and other SysML models.

Requirements diagrams display requirements, packages, other classifiers, test cases, rationales, and relationships. Possible relationships available for Requirements diagrams are containments, deriveReqt and requirement dependencies (‘Copy’, ‘Refine’, ‘Satisfy’, ‘Trace’, and ‘Verify’). The callout notation can also be used to reflect the relationships of other models.

Requirements can also be shown on other diagrams to illustrate their relationships to other modeling elements.

Requirement Diagram

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