UAF Plugin 19.0 LTR SP1 Documentation


The Lr Lines of Development view specifies the logical threads (lines of development) for a set of projects and programmes. The status of each of these threads can be shown at the various milestones in the projects or programmes. The Lr view is primarily intended to support the acquisition process across multiple projects or programmes, including the management of dependencies between projects and the integration of all the DLODs to achieve a successfully integrated military capability.

Use of the Lr view should support the management of capability delivery and be aligned with  Cr Capability Roadmap view.

The Lr view may be used for:

  • Project management and control (including delivery timescales).
  • Project dependencies and the identification of associated risk.
  • Portfolio management.
  • Through Life Management Planning (TLMP).


The L3 view can be represented using:

  •  Lr Programme to Capability Mapping matrix.
    Lr Lines of Development matrix

  • Lr Programme Portfolio Relationships diagram.
    Lr Programme Portfolio Relationships diagram
  • Lr Lines of Development (Lr Gantt chart).
    Lr Programme to Capability Mapping table

  • Lr Responsibility Matrix.
    Lr Responsibility Matrix