This page shows you how to change the default fill-in color of AutoStyler. Please note that you can only change the color of classes that have already had the functions of AutoStyler applied to it. When you are done customizing the AutoStyler color make sure to follow the steps described in the To automatically apply customizations section. Color differentiation can be really important for highlighting different points as some colors can point to different ideas and thoughts than others.

How to change the fill-in color of AutoStyler

        1. Select Options > Project.

        2. Select Defined Elsewhere and click on the little plus sign to the left.

        3. Find Shapes and click on the little plus sign to the left.

        4. Look for a folder named Class and click on it.

        5. At the very top of Class left click on the Property Value of Fill Color to where it reveals the three dots to the right.

Steps 1-5

        6. Click on those three dots and select a color from the color table.

        7. After you have selected a color click OK.

Color Table

You can apply a more specific color if you know the HSV, HSL, RGB, or CMYK values to enter into the color table above.