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Cameo DataHub 2022x Refresh2 Documentation

Released on: July 7, 2023

In version 2022x Refresh2, Cameo DataHub introduces many new features and improvements. You can now add a single requirement specification in the ENOVIA Requirements on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. Also, you can open the module view without opening the module in IBM Doors.

ENOVIA Requirements

Single specification selection

A new feature to select a single specification is introduced to improve the connection to the ENOVIA Requirement application. In earlier versions, when you connected to the ENOVIA Requirements application, all available specifications were displayed in the Cameo DataHub Explorer panel. Now, when you connect to the ENOVIA Requirements application, a new dialog appears, listing all the specifications available to you. Then you select one specification at a time and connect to it. The specification added is available when you reconnect to the same data source from the same project.

Specification selection dialog.

You can also add other specifications one at a time by selecting the Add single requirement specification option from the ENOVIA data source shortcut menu.

Add single requirement specification command in the shortcut menu.

Other Improvements

  • ENOVIA Requirements now supports 3DEXPERIENCE platform versions up to 2023x FD03.
  • The issue related to the connection to the distributed platform and the platform on the cloud is resolved. 
  • Operations related to copying data, expanding data source nodes, and data synchronization between the platform and the modeling application are improved. The following table shows the comparison between the time taken to perform various activities. The test set contains 1000 requirement specifications with 1000 requirements under each one, and the synchronization direction is from ENOVIA Requirements to the modeling tool.

    Sr. No.Action2022xR22022xR1Improvement
    1Connecting to ENOVIA Requirements data source01:16 Min02:15 Min~45%
    2Adding Requirement Specification from Single Selection UI03:22 MinNANew feature
    3Expanding ENOVIA DS node00:01 Min00:01 Min0%
    4Expanding added Requirement Specification node /1000 items00:01 Min00:49 Min~100%
    5Using Copy data with sync operation02:28 Min44:54 Min~95%
IBM Doors

Data source creation from view

The new command Create data source from view is added to the IBM DOORS. You can now open the module view without opening the module.

Create data source from View command in the shortcut menu.
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