SysML Plugin 19.0 LTR Documentation

Using the Export button

You can export the table to an *.html, *.csv, or *.xlsx file.

The Metric table, as in Version 18.3, can be exported to .xlsm file. How to export Metric table to .xlsm file >

Before exporting a table, you can:

  • Customize the template.html according to your needs.

     - The style of *.html tables is specified in template.html which can be found in <MagicDraw installation directory>\data\table.

     - The file stores cascading style sheets (CSS) that define the appearance of an exported table.

  • Prepare a table by showing only particular data.

To export a table

  1. On the Publish toolbar, click the Export button.
  2. In the opened dialog, do the following:
    1. Browse for a location to save the table.
    2. Type the exported table name.
    3. Select the exported table format.
  3. Click Save when you are done.
    The table is exported to the location you have specified.

Using the Write To File command

You can export data from a modeling tool table to an Excel/CSV file by using the Write To File command. Read the following rules before using this command:

  • If the the file is not linked with the table, this command allows you to export a new Excel or CSV file to your computer and create a reference automatically between the table and the exported file. The file cannot be saved and linked with the table if a file with the same name and in the same location already exists. You can use the Export button from the table toolbar to export a table without creating a reference.
  • If the the file is linked with the table, this command transfers the data directly to your Excel/CSV file. 

To export data from a modeling tool table to an Excel/CSV file

  1. On the table toolbar, click .
  2. Select the Write To File command.
    The data is exported from modeling tool table to Excel/CSV file.

Write To File exceptions

The data cannot be exported or exported correctly if:

  • The Excel file is corrupted.
  • The CSV file is open.

  • The CSV file is locked or you do not have the necessary permissions to access it.

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