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MagicDraw 2021x Documentation

Modeling tools developed by No Magic Inc. provides you with a generic numbering mechanism that can be applied to any elements created in the modeling tool. The generic numbering mechanism allows you to:

  • Automatically assign a unique number to the elements in the model when they are created, moved, or your model is refactored.
  • Easily identify and find an element in the model when communicating with colleagues or stakeholders.
  • Show an element's place in a hierarchy.

With this feature you can easily:

  • Customize currently applied numbering formats.
  • Create and apply your own numbering formats.
  • Change the numbering format while creating numbered elements.

The Generic numbering mechanism feature description is organized in two sections:

Before stating to describe the generic numbering mechanism, get acquainted with used concepts:


Numbering customization

A customization class which specifies element types that will be numbered, numbering format that will be used to number elements, and the property to which the created number will be assigned. The numbering format should be defined prior to numbering elements. Usually the system administrator creates the numbering customization.

Numbering property

Indicates an element property wherein the element number will be stored and defines a numbering scheme that will be used for the element numbering.

Numbering scheme

A set of rules describing what numbering formats will be applied on the concrete elements. Numbering scheme is defined while creating the numbering customization.


An affix which is placed before the element number.


A symbol which is used to separate of the different level numbers. Separator is defined in the numbering scheme.